SMARTS - Summer Sounds Festival - Melbourne
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Fri Feb 26

Smarts are a relatively new group that began playing shows around Melbourne and surrounds towards the end of 2018. Combining frantic, yet taut and rapidly paced rhythms amidst playful, almost child-like guitars and saxophones that just about make you want to pull your hair out, Smarts are a sound of their own. 
The band stemmed out of a bedroom demo that was recorded for fun in 2017 by Billy Gardner (bass, vocals) and Mitch Campleman (guitar) in Geelong. They expanded the group a year later with Jake Robertson (drums) and Stella Rennex (saxophone) to form the lively and rocking band.
Smarts released their debut LP “Who Needs Smarts, Anyway” last October on Anti Fade and Feel It Records, and will look forward to performing it in a live setting this year.